ezForm Filler 1.0.11: Create and keep track of the data entry forms based on the Adobe PDF documents.

ezForm Filler 1.0.11

ezForm Filler allows you to maintain database of the fillable PDF files. You will be able to create data entry forms based on the Adobe PDF documents, retrieve saved PDF files, restore saved information, add new fields, set field appearance, load fields from a text file, print and save PDF data in both editable and uneditable formats, extract and search text and much more.

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EZ-Forms PRO Filler 5.50.ec.220: EZ-Forms PRO Filler for eforms -Save, Modify, Print, Email, Web, FAX, more

EZ-Forms PRO Filler 5.50.ec.220

- EZ-Forms PRO Filler for eforms (visual electronic forms) - Fillout, Save, Modify, Print, Email, FAX(driver required), etc. eforms created with EZ-Forms PRO Designer. - Network and internet compliant. - Encryption enabled. (user pw reqd.) - Pre-printed-form data-only overlay mode. - Enterprise, Developer, Private Label editions available.

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